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Organic Light-Emitting Diode

  OLED/PLED are electronic devices made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors, also known as Organic Electroluminescence. OLEDs have distinct advantages over existing LCD flat panels. They offer more brightness, power efficiency, lightweight, wider viewing angle, higher contrast ratio and greater durability.

Our cutting-edge technology in molecule design, synthesis, purification and kilo scale sublimation enables to develop the key material of hole transporting layer (HTL), emitting material layer (EML), and electron transport layer (ETL).



.Small Molecule OLED Emitting materials
.Polymer-LED Emitting materials
.Electron Transport materials
.Hole Transporting materials


  We work hand in hand with our customers, partnering with them to develop and manufacture materials that their products can trust and rely on. Our qualified professionals are able to meet your specific needs through our continued efforts to work within your criteria. We provide you: 
.Process Research and Product Development 
.Bulk Manufacturing 
.Separation and Purification (Pre-Scale normal/Reverse Phase MPLC) 
.Gram to Multi-kilogram Scale Sublimation

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